Changing our exercise routine

It’s a good idea to change your exercise routines because your muscles get bored with the same repetitive exercises.

As an athlete I’ve spent a great number of hours running.  One of the key elements to my training is keeping a variety to workouts.  When travelling I generally stay at hotels that accommodate a gym.  Not that I use the gym on every occasion but I like the idea of having the choice.

Marie in Co.Clare small

Checking out the weights in my hotel.

I recently travelled to Co. Clare and while I spent most of my time outdoors sightseeing I did avail of the gym in the evening.  I changed my mode of exercise to the Stair Climber machine, and decreased the duration which allowed increasing my intensity.

I followed the climber by doing free weights, a shorter version of my regular routine finishing off with light stretching before heading to relax in the Jacuzzi.

By changing things up, you stimulate muscle growth. Muscles get jump-started by new routines and you’ll see differences immediately.


You discover an entire range of new exercises when you change your routine, which also keeps you from getting bored.With the Easter break here take the opportunity to change your exercise routine and feel the benefits!

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