Murphy (METs) Programme

In my career as a professional exercise and nutrition specialist, I have developed my own individual programme called The Murphy (METs) Programme.  The METs stands for metabolic equivalents of energy expenditure. This programme was acknowledged by the American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) 2012.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Murphy (METs) Programme is both a cardiovascular and resistance training programme. The programme runs for a period of 15 weeks and requires a minimum of three days a week from each participant. The resistance training programme runs simultaneously with the cardiovascular programme.

The Murphy (METs) Programme
is individually designed to fit each participant’s level of fitness and weekly schedule.  For further information please see:

Murphy METs Programme Overview

Know your METs for Prevention – Recurrence of Disease

Calculating your weekly METs km-hour

If you would like to register please fill out the forms below and return to Marie Murphy at

Registration Form (Murphy (METs) Programme

Registration Form (Nutrition)

Health Questionnaire

Nutritional Status Questionnaire

Quality of Life Questionnaire

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