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‘Murphy METs Programme’ now offered at The Elbowroom DUBLIN’S FAVOURITE WELLBEING HUB

I’m delighted to be joining The elbowroom team where I’ll be bringing my 12 week METs programme in September. I’ve heard wonderful things about the centre and I feel my programme is a perfect fit with the ethos of The elbowroom community.

Start Date: Saturday 17th September 2016
End Date: Saturday 3rd December 2016
2 time slots available each Saturday: 14:45-15:45 or 16:00-17:00


To register for the programme CLICK – The elbowroom 32 Bruinswick Street, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

Background Information

Murphy (METs) Programme is a low to moderate intensity physical  activity programme. It is open to everyone.  The programme is specifically designed to be safe for people with controlled chronic conditions. It is designed to suit all levels of fitness, even those who have never exercised previously.

The Murphy (METs) Programme involves conditioning, strengthening, and endurance phases. Participants are encouraged to exercise at a level that has been determined on an individual basis. The type of equipment used is with free weights (dumbbells).

Marie’s goal is to ensure that all participants perform each exercise correctly and safely, before advancing to a strengthening phase. Proper technique for each exercise is usually achieved during the conditioning phase (3-4 weeks).

The focus of the Murphy (METs) Programme is to improve flexibility, balance, co-ordination, mobility, strength, musculoskeletal function, bone density and confidence, in addition to having an impact on cardiovascular fitness, weight management and psychosocial well-being.

Further Information

Murphy METs Programme (Video)

Course overview (Video)

Course Benefits


The following forms will need to be filled out prior to starting the programme;

Medical Consent Form

Health Questionnaire

Quality of Life Questionnaire

MMP Waiver