Breast Cancer Awareness – 6 Weeks Beginners Course

Breast Cancer Awareness

Research indicates that physical activity after a diagnosis of breast cancer improves quality of life, reduces fatigue, and assist with energy balance. Both reduced physical activity and the side effects of treatment have been linked to weight gain after a breast cancer IMAG0225diagnosis. Studies have found that women who exercise moderately (the equivalent of walking 3 to 4 hours per week at an average pace (3-4 METs) after a diagnosis of breast cancer have improved survival rates compared with more sedentary women.

6 weeks Beginners Course

I will be offering a 6 weeks beginners course which will cover three theory workshops & three practical training workshops to provide participants with the tools to improve flex­i­bil­ity, bal­ance, co-ordination, mobil­ity, strength, mus­cu­loskele­tal func­tion, bone den­sity and con­fi­dence, in addi­tion to hav­ing an impact on car­dio­vas­cu­lar fit­ness, weight man­age­ment and psy­choso­cial well-being.

To reg­is­ter for the programme par­tic­i­pants must be 3 months post-surgery with med­ical clear­ance.  Course fee €75.  To add your name to the roster or for fur­ther details please email  All participants will be accepted on a ‘first-come, first served basis’ (Additional courses will follow).

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